Peer Halperin …practitioner and teacher of two distinct types of Japanese martial arts.

Peer is a direct student of master Nakamura who was a 10th Dan in Batto-jutsu and a very famous instructor in Japan.

Peer Halperin is the Chief Instructor at the Traditional Martial Arts Center.  Peer, a high-ranking black-belt, is a certified instructor from the Japan Karate Association of America.

Sensei - Peer Halperin

Sensei – Peer Halperin

Peer is a student of Nishiyama Sensei – a direct student of Funakoshi Sensei – who is considered to be the best teacher of Traditional Karate in the world.

Peer has been dedicated to studying and teaching karate for many years, after devoted training with karate and swordsmanship masters in Japan.

Because sensei has a strong connection to Japan, he takes his students there on a regular basis to study and experience the cultural roots of their art.

Peer Halperin - Cutting Ceremony

Peer Halperin – Cutting Ceremony


Our dojo is also a member of the International Batto-do Federation.

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