Budo is a treasure of human culture that has been handed down through hundreds of years as a priceless heritage. This valuable body of knowledge shows us the way to seek perfection of self through physical, mental and spiritual training. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve Budo for future generations.

Pre-K | Pre-Karate (Ages 3 – 4)

In our Pre-K class our very youngest members take their first steps toward karate training. The class will focus on listening, concentration, coordination and discipline. They will also have instruction on the basic moves of karate through drills, exercises and games. We will nurture their skills for the future, while having lots of fun.

Junior Karate (Ages 5 – 9)

Our junior students start their journey in the beautiful art of traditional karate and self-defense. We place emphasis is on teaching these young students to exercise regularly, eat properly, live a healthy life. Our goal is to build on a child’s confidence and concentration (attention span), while making the class fun and exciting! The foundation learned at TMAC will be the basis of success at school and at home!

Teen Karate (Ages 10 – 15)

Kids get a kick out of karate. They learn the fundamentals of the art that will give them coordination, self-discipline and overall good health. Karate also improves concentration and school performance.

Adult Karate (Ages 16 & Older)

Traditional Karate is a beautiful, ancient, weaponless art of self-defense. It is based on using the body as a whole rather than relying on muscular strength of the arms and legs. It reduces stress, improves agility and speed, and it’s a great workout.

Junior Batto-do (Ages 8 – 15)

Japanese Swordsmanship for youth is the most exciting martial art. It is a unique opportunity to learn a real art that has its roots in the Samurai warrior era, in a safe and structured environment. Batto-do training dramatically sharpens awareness, enhances coordination, and perfects concentration.

Adult Batto-do (Ages 16 & Older)

The ancient art of Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship (Batto-do) is unique and dynamic with its roots in the Samurai warrior era. One who studies the Traditional Art of Batto-do can apply its rewards in all aspects of life.

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